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Meet the People Behind Your Eyes Only Optical

Whenever you walk into our Surrey optical store, you’ll find at least three of our in-house specialists ready to help you. Ranging from licensed dispensing opticians, frame stylists, lab technicians and contact lens fitters, our friendly, knowledgeable and certified optical staff are here to:

  • fit you with contacts
  • conduct sight testing
  • provide eyeglass adjustments and repairs
  • make your eyeglass prescription in our in-store lab
  • find the frames and sunglasses which suit you and your budget

What makes our store different is the people who work here. No one feels like a number; we’re one big family. Each of us is different but we all have the common goal of finding you the eyewear which makes you look and feel the best you can be.

Brian Beal

Brian started in the optical business learning how to make lenses. He quickly mastered the skill of grinding lenses and cutting them into frames moving from lab technician to dispensing optician.

Thanks to a mentor at the time, Brian stayed in the front of the store learning the retail side of an optical store. He was a natural with customers helping them find the perfect eyewear for their personality, lifestyle and fit. Brian opened his own store in Surrey, BC in 1979 and you’ll still find him fitting customers with eyewear and doing sight tests. It’s what he loves to do.

Silvana Beal

You’ll rarely see Silvana in the store, but she’s the other reason why Your Eyes Only Optical has been operating since 1979. Silvana is in charge of keeping the bookkeeping as neat and orderly as you’ll find the frames in the showroom. Brian and Silvana make a perfect team!



Frame Stylist

Celeste’s specialty is eyeglass frames. She knows what’s in, what was the rage last year and what will look best on you. Having worked at Your Eyes Only Optical for over 10 years, Celeste is on a first name basis with all the different frame representatives and enjoys helping customers find the perfect frame.



Frame Stylist

Amber knows the inventory of frames like the back of her hand. Once she finds out what you’re looking for in a pair of glasses, she’ll find all the options available to fit your prescription and the shape of your face. Her personal mission: making sure you walk out of the store with a pair of glasses which fit your budget and look fantastic on you.



Lab Technician, Dispensing Optician, Sight Testing Optician & Contact Lens Fitter

Imalka is by nature a hands-on technical person. After earning her Dispensing Optician Diploma from Douglas College, she continued to work at Your Eyes Only Optical while taking additional classes so she could make lenses, be qualified to fit contacts and provide site testing. If Imalka didn’t help you find your frames in the showroom, there’s a good chance she made your lenses in the store lab. She loves going out her way to make people happy.



Lab Technician, Dispensing Optician, Sight Testing Optician & Contact Lens Fitter

Ryszard spends most of his time in the lab making lenses to your exact prescription. A challenging prescription, or a difficult measurement, makes for a good day in Ryszard’s routine. He enjoys finding out what you need from your prescription so he can choose the best lens for your lifestyle.



Frame Stylist

Connie is a people person and gets as much satisfaction fixing a past customer’s frame as she does helping customers find a frame. For over 20 years, Connie has been helping customers with eyewear. She has been a lab technician and a licensed dispensing optician over the years but chooses just to focus on frames now. Connie enjoys helping customers of all ages.



Frame Stylist

Camilla is what you would call a fashionista from eyewear to shoes and everything in between. You don’t have to read the latest style magazine to find out about the newest fashion trends, what’s in and what’s not. Camilla can tell you, and, more importantly, she knows what frame looks best on you.



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